King Artie!

OK, ever since I started down this whole sourdough baking road six months ago, I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Unbleached All-Purpose Flour for my Straight Killer Sourdough, mainly because TJ’s is like 2 blocks from my house. But recently, I’ve been trying out some King Arthur Organic All-Purpose Flour, and I must say, it’s different!

First of all, I am using less water than I usually do in the recipe. Like almost 1/8 of a cup less! So if you are using my Straight Killer recipe and King Artie Flour, be sure to adjust the water DOWN! I figure this is probably because of the higher protein content the King is known for. Dunno for sure, I’ll have to research it I guess.

Secondly, also because of the higher protein content, my loaves have been a bit denser than with the TJ’s flour. I’ma experiment with a bit longer rise time and see what I get.

Taste? I think it’s pretty much the same, except for the Artie loaves being a tiny bit “chewier” I guess. I haven’t yet done a side by side taste test, so I’m kinda guessing, but that is coming soon.

I’m on vacation now, so I will be doing a lot more experimenting. Especially with rye!

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