Finally Got One to Smile for the Camera!

Yeastie Boiz Sourdough Straight Killer Whole Wheat.

Recipe soon!

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      • Jolene Reply

        Greetings from the other side! I love bread, so now that I am a “retired” lady, I am going to stalk your blog and try making my own. I don’t cook . . . at all . . . so I am sure I will have lots of FAIL photos to send you. 🙂 I will send you an email sometime with the details of packing up my classroom. 28 years worth of stuff! Egads.

  1. Mike Reply

    Unfortunately my starter is RIP due to contamination…(yeah the house had flying thinset floating everywhere from grinding it off the foundation)started a new one today…well as a matter of fact started two…one with reg flour the other with Rye.

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