I am a carbaholic. You know that cliche about living on nothing but bread and water? Make that bread and green tea (mebbe wine), and I am in! I was an early adopter of the old R2D2 bread maker, and had a sourdough starter going in the ’90s, but I somehow let it overflow its container and engulf the top half of the fridge before it died. But it had been at least 15 years since I dabbled in bread-making.  Then, last Christmas vacation (2018), I got a whim to start bread making again. I saw an article (not the NY Times one) about Dutch ovens and no-knead bread, and I got the urge. I tried my first non-sourdough loaf in my toaster over after ordering a Dutch Oven from Amazon. It was pretty good! I started some starter, and five days later, tried a sourdough loaf. OMG! I bought a real oven off Craigslist and have been making 2 loaves a day ever since. I haven’t bought bread since this started, and I give away a loaf a day to friends and colleagues. I want everybody to realize just how easy it is to make your own Straight Killer Sourdough bread.